The 2014 Great Lakes Tackle Summer Invitational will be the second year of our invitational-style tournament to hit the south shore of Pennsylvania and maybe the entire south shore of Lake Erie. This event will attract competitors from around the region and across the Lake. Anglers will be allowed to target walleyes, steelhead trout, brown trout and lake trout. Walleyes, which are the most sought after sport fish in Lake Erie, will comprise the bulk of the catch but steelhead, brown trout and lake trout will also play a large role in the teams quest for the Title.

There will be one unique twist to this event...Lake trout will be the added bonus fish and may play a major part for the winning team. Unlike the normal value of a fish (10 points plus weight), lake trout will only provide the weight value and not the points.  Also, teams may only weigh 2 lake trout and cannot not cull.

Great Lakes Tackle expects to fill the maximum field of 40 teams which will will attract 140-160 anglers to the area. Teams will pay $650.00 to enter and will be made of 2-5 anglers. Non-local teams are expected to arrive the Wednesday or Thursday before the event with local anglers also beginning their pre-fishing.

This pre-fishing time period will also generate local economic growth with local business benefitting.  Fuel stations, hotels, motels, restaurants, marinas, convenience stores and tackle shops are all expected to gain some additional income.