Congratulations to our 2013 Great Lakes Tackle Shop Summer Invitational Winners and thank you to all of those who participated! We hope to see everyone next year!!!

"A Charity Event to Support Local Organizations"

The 2013 Great Lakes Tackle Summer Invitational will be the first invitational style tournament to hit the south shore of Pennsylvania and maybe the entire south shore of Lake Erie. This event will attract competitors from around the region and across the Lake. Anglers will be allowed to target walleyes, steelhead trout, brown trout and lake trout. Walleyes, which are the most sought after sport fish in Lake Erie, will comprise the bulk of the catch, however steelhead, brown trout and lake trout will also play a large role in the team's quest for the Title. There will be one unique twist to the event.  Lake trout will be the added bonus fish and may play a major part for the winning team. Unlike the normal value of a fish (10 points plus weight), lake trout will only provide the weight value and not the points.  Also, teams may only weigh 2 lake trout and cannot cull.

The GLT Summer Invitational will not only attract local and non-local anglers, it will attract numerous spectators.   GLT will be advertising the event with local media as well as regional media sources.  Our goal is to attract many spectators, family, friends.   This event will be limited to the 1st 40 paid entries or deposits.  A waiting list will be formed once the limit of 40 teams is reached.

  This will  not just be  a ”fishing tournament” but a “fishing show”. 

What do we mean by show?  Well, to do it right and make it an event to be  remembered, we will be doing the following “extras”...

1. Announcement of the Captains Bio when they are on stage:
The team will bring their catch to the stage area while their Team Theme song is played (Note: all Team Theme songs will be reviewed prior for appropriateness)

2. Event will be announced using a professional and colorful emcee.

3. Reverse order weigh-in will be done on day two for the teams who were in places 1-10 after day one.  All teams will be processed for weigh-in except the final 10 teams.  Once all 30 teams have been weighed, the 10th place team will be called to the stage for the commencement of teams 10 through 1st.   This will be a unique and dramatic way to end the two day event.  Spectators (your audience) will be compelled to stay to the bitter end.